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Every conversation is an opportunity. Make the most of it with Zayup’s human-powered virtual receptionist and live chat solutions, trusted by small businesses since 2013.


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Connecting the World We offer professional communication solutions to support your business. From customer service to virtual assistance.

Digital Media

Transforming Digital Presence We specialize in digital media solutions to elevate your brand online. From social media management to content creation.


Empowering Through Education Our trainings provide comprehensive educational programs and hands-on courses to help you excel in your career.

America’s favorite live call answering service working for your business

No two organizations are the same. That’s why we offer flexible solutions built to help small businesses of all sizes and specialities. From part time backup to full service support, Zayup has what you need to reach your goals.

Extend your business hours.

24/7/365 live call answering means you’re never closed. Don’t send your business to a voicemail box. Enhance customer satisfaction with round-the-clock accessibility and personalized service, ensuring every inquiry is met with a human touch for a seamless and engaging experience.


Staff without the overheads.

Give customers personal attention without adding personnel. We’re always there when you need us. Streamline your operations and enhance customer service without the burden of additional staffing costs, providing a cost-effective solution that ensures a dedicated and responsive support system for your clientele.

Eliminate hangups.

Make sure every call gets handled because every call could be your next customer. Eliminate missed opportunities and potential hangups by prioritizing a responsive and reliable call handling system. Ensure that each interaction is treated with the importance it deserves, fostering a customer-centric approach that maximizes your chances of converting inquiries into valuable business opportunities.


We have lots of experience across multiple industries

Our 24/7 call answering team is trained to understand the needs of different sectors. We offer lead qualification, intake services, emergency dispatching and more as part of our tailored provision.

Real Estate
Home Services

Trusted Worldwide

In a global marketplace, Zayup Global Communications stands as the epitome of reliability and excellence. Choose us with confidence, knowing that we have earned trust worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to customer support ensures that your business receives unparalleled service. Entrust your customer support needs to Zayup, and experience the peace of mind that comes with a globally trusted partner.

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Grow and thrive with Zayup.

24/7 live call answering

Outshine the competition and delight callers with virtual receptionists who sound like a seamless extension of your team.

  • Deliver exceptional experiences.
  • Minimize interruptions.
  • Maximize every connection.

Multichannel experience

Meet rising customer expectations with solutions that allow people to reach your business however, wherever and whenever they prefer.

  • Synchronize every touchpoint.
  • Leverage customer data.
  • Never miss another opportunity.

Integrated live website chat

Don’t leave online customers hanging. Engage and convert website visitors with real live chat specialists (not chatbots).

  • Generate more leads.
  • Improve website visibility.
  • Streamline sales conversations.

We will help your business grow

We are dedicated to propelling your business growth through unparalleled services and commitment.

At Zayup, our seasoned professionals bring expertise and efficiency to every task, ensuring your business receives top-notch support.

Get-friendly solutions without com- promising the quality of our services, making excellence accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Zayup guarantees unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Zayup Global Communications stands by you around the clock, pro- viding seamless and reliable support whenever you need it.

What Our Clients Say

Get ready for real stories from our clients! Zayup Global Communications is your go-to for reliability and excellence on a global scale. Trust us with confidence; we’ve earned it worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to top-notch customer support guarantees your business gets the service it deserves. Put your customer support needs in our hands and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a globally trusted partner.


Emma Thompson

Marketing Manager

Zayup Global Communications is a game-changer! Their customer support services are impeccable. Kudos to the team!



Marketing Director

Exceptional service from Zayup! The customer support team is responsive and efficient. Our clients are delighted.


David Turner


Zayup Global Communications exceeded expectations! Their support services are crucial to our success. Highly recommend.

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